ERIA – Association of European creative initiatives

Association of European creative initiatives (ERIA) is NGO in Latvia and since 2015, works in field of lifelong learning, vocational education and training, promoting employment and culture. The organization is new, but with a very experienced staff, which has already proved themselves in different projects.
ERIA’s goal is to cooperate with the national education and employment authorities, national and European non-governmental organizations, participating in national and international educational and cultural projects in order to improve opportunities for people to integrate into society, the labor market and to increase opportunities of participating in cultural activities a professional as well as informal level. Organization is providing support for professionals, teachers and organizations in field of adult education.
ERIA’s organization staff are very experienced in lifelong learning, vocational adult education, non-formal and vocational oriented education. In co-operation with state employment agencies organization has participated in a projects, aimed to increase the competitiveness of the labor market. Carried out work on the recognition of skills learning outside formal education. ERIA has the experience to working with hearing-impaired young people in professional integration, to supporting unemployed people to get education. To all of staff has extensive experience as a partner in Erasmus+ international strategic partnership of adult education project.
Contact: Latvia, +371 29174393