Diamond Building

Diamond Building is a SME located in Córdoba (Spain) and established in 1997. We are focused in the attitudinal training and the improvement of human performance. Our field of work is based on the areas of coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). One of our main characteristics is that all the members of our team (facilitators, administrative staff and sales team) are certified coaches, so we all are involved in our field and integrated in the same way of working.

In Diamond Building we think that the capacity of people for action is only limited by their own beliefs. We think that we can lead our own lives to our desired goals and we can completely transform the perception of our lives to achieve a more satisfactory and full vision. According to all these points, Diamond Building team acquires now a firm commitment with our clients to provoke excellent results, giving support to the creation of systems which make it work in a more solid and sustainable way in order to compete in the market.

Diamond Building trains people in the framework of their companies, so both the individuals and their organizations acquire skills and habits leading to a continuous improvement. We use the most advanced techniques in teaching and training to develop and achieve this ambitious goal. In both cases, we have a clear objective: the improvement of results.

For more information about our work: www.diamondbuilding.es