New Edu

New Edu, n.o. (New Edu) is a Slovak non profit organisation acting in the education and research in the field of agriculture. It was founded in 2013 and is member of the Vidiecka Platforma assocciation ( as well AgriEdu network ( New Edu now operating as an founder and provider of the learning portal for lifelong learning and non formal education in the field of agriculture.

The range of services provided by the company encompasses multidisciplinary research as well as educational projects related to a innovation, technology implementation and sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas.
Our research activities cover a wide range of interests, including renewable/alternative resources management, ICT, automation and controlling system implementation social issues in rural areas, entrepreneurship and training.

The crucial part of the activities focuses on the providing innovative learning solutions for entrepreneurship and business companies as well educational institutions. Our activities are based on innovative practices and tools of eLearning and blended learning, which perform modern and creative learning process. New Edu offers solutions and services – from the identification of training needs through the development model of education, technical design and content creation to the realization of the educational process or the training and evaluation of a learning process and its participants.

Our team consists of qualified scientists and teachers with wide experiences in the fields of Agricultural Sciences, Sociology, Economy, ICT and education. Employees of New Edu have long time experiences with research and education/training activities in these fields not only at the Slovak universities and/or education institutions but in other European and world countries. The learning activities provided by New Edu integrate authorized content based on the latest knowledge, modern learning management systems and last but not least over 20 years teaching experience gained not only in Slovakia but also in other European Union countries, Asia and the United States.

The team is skilled in the use of tools and methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis, group facilitation, innovation management, organisational development as well as communication and dissemination.