Agricultural Institute – Stara Zagora

The Agricultural Institute (Zemedelski Institute) in Stara Zagora is one of the largest agricultural institutes in Bulgaria. He deals with issues related to animal production, animal nutrition, genetics, animal husbandry and the use of animals residues in renewable energy sources.

Zemedelski Institute is a reservation for the storage and retrieval of Bulgarian cattle, sheep, rabbits and birds. The main objective of conducted research is to generate a new potential for efficient genetic structure of populations through the application of modern methods of selection. Main directions of research collaboration are breeding, breeding technology of cattle, sheep rabbits and birds from different directions productive and economic efficiency of production in various technological options, building and operation of this biogas and renewable energy sources. In experimental facilities operate two farms – cattle and sheep, poultry zaytseferma, fodder and milk plant, providing its own production of feed products.
Zemedelski Institut Stara Zagora handled 5,200 acres of farmland mainly produces wheat, barley, alfalfa, cereal and legume mixtures and maize silage – own production needed to feed the animals.
The institute organizes trainings for farmers and breeders in its own training centre. The institute employs 22 scientist and 102 administrative, technical workers.